UX, CX and Service Design

Hi, I am Mauricio Perez. A Human Centred Design (HCD) strategist in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in Service Design, User Experience (UX) and Customer experience (CX). This means I make your products and services better for your users, customers, citizens and even staff by placing their needs at the centre of the design process.

Together we work by finding the right problem through research, analysis and synthesis. Only then, we can find the right solutions through design, testing and iteration. I work across government, financial, health and communication sectors. I have a passion for accessibility, inclusive, environmental and ethical design practices

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Human-centred design process

1. Discovery

Our first friendly introduction to talk in detail about how you might define success of your product or service. We may kick-off with stakeholder workshops or interviews to define the scope of the project you have.

2. Research

We take a look into your organisation, stakeholder needs, service blueprints and analyse your audience contexts, needs, experiences and pain points. We then synthesise our findings with artefacts and collaborate to prioritise any challenges to solve.

3. Design

When the problems are prioritised, we can then focus on the important ones and co-design to hypothesize any solutions with your stakeholders. They will usually start off as sketches and will evolve rapidly into a high fidelity prototype to test.

4. Testing

We now can validate any assumptions and hypothesis designs with a prototype with actual people who engage with your product or service. This way, we can start to understand any problems arising and why they occur.

5. Iterate

After testing, the problems with the prototype have been discovered. This powerful learning can be used to solve the problem in the next iteration(s) until the minimal viable experience from your product or service is achieved.