Human-centred design process

1. Briefing

Our first friendly introduction to talk in detail about how you might define success of your product or service. We may kick-off with stakeholder workshops or interviews to define the scope of the project you have.

2. Research

We take a look into your organisation, stakeholder needs, service blueprints and analyze your audience contexts, needs, experiences and pain points. We then synthesize our findings with artefacts and collaborate to prioritise any challenges to solve.

3. Design

When the problems are prioritised, we can then focus on the important ones and co-design to hypothesize any solutions with your stakeholders. They will usually start off as sketches and will evolve rapidly into a high fidelity prototype to test.

4. Testing

We now can validate any assumptions and hypothesis designs with a prototype with actual people who engage with your product or service. This way, we can start to understand any problems arising and why they occur.

5. Iterate

After testing, the problems with the prototype have been discovered. This powerful learning can be used to solve the problem in the next iteration(s) until the minimal viable experience from your product or service is achieved.

Recent Projects


Mauricio (Mo) is a very experienced and capable senior user experience and service design practitioner. He demonstrates a high level of empathy for the customer and cares deeply about his craft and the outcomes that he delivers, regularly exceeding customer expectations.

Mo takes responsibility, does what he says he’s going to do and brings a calming influence to those around him, even in stressful times. It’s a rare opportunity for one to work with a person of Mo’s fantastic ability and demeanour and I would have no hesitation in working with him on any future programme.

Peter Haywood, Novofy

Mauricio may be the best UX specialist working in Australia today. Whilst at Droga5 he proved that UX is where strategy and insight could merge with creative.

He begins every project with audience insights. These were supplied either by the planning group or it was his responsibility to elicit them through composited personas. These personas were then used to architect experience paths that drive users through awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. This ensured that any project Mauricio was involved with provided meaningful touch-points that built a holistic brand experience.

If you are serious about undertaking a UX review or adding UX into your business as a shared methodology, you should reach out to him. I know I will be working with him again in the future.

John Bright

Mauricio is a talented Art Director with a keen eye for aesthetics and detail. He’s easy to work with and understands the balance of great work and client needs.

Memi Chang, OgilvyOne

Mauricio is a skilled experience architect whom I would recommend without hesitation. Mauricio took the time to understand our customer’s needs and designed a solution which was a delight to use and better than I could ever have hoped for. He worked with a diverse range of stakeholders and was able to prioritise competing demands without compromise. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Mauricio as your next user experience expert.

Andrew Ronfeldt, Vodafone

I learnt a lot working with Mauricio. I found his direction to be clear and consistent and his work was very precise and systematic. He was also generous with the sharing of his knowledge, both technical and creative and has refined communication skills.

Soraya Asmar, Digital Eskimo

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