Project Description

An app to make prescriptions easier

As a start-up, Scalamed had some great features that aimed to disrupt the prescription process within the pharmaceutical industry. It aimed to allow patients to securely manage their own prescriptions through a mobile app.

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iPhone Scalamed App
Scalamed userjourney
Scalamed sketches
Scalamed user interface
Interactive prototype

The design challenge

Whilst features were well documented, we collaborated to identify who the users were, map their different journeys and design the UI (User Interface) needed to accommodate their needs in context to how they interfaced with each other.

Sketching key screens

By allowing the team to visualise the user journeys with common physical and environmental contexts that occurred, the key user interface screens were identified and detail was co-designed together in a series of sketches.

UI Wireframes

Once the sketches were agreed upon, the next step was to define a responsive UI (User Interface) components, screen layouts and interactions for a mobile device. These wireframes were quickly put together using Omnigraffle.

Interactive Prototype

In order to demonstrate the user journey, an interactive prototype using Invision was rapidly deployed allowing the different user journeys to be demonstrated in sequence and even be available for usability testing on a mobile.